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18. May 2021

Welcome to votech.de! Our new website is online!
You will get an overview of our variety of products for industrial filter systems.

Votech Coalescer Familienbild

VoTech cartridges are designed for the efficient removal of typical contaminants in natural gas lines: downstream, midstream and upstream as well as for industrial applications.

Cartridges for the removal of fine solids, liquids and (ultra-fine) oil mist from contaminated natural gas and other gaseous media

MicroToV® coalescing filter cartridges to remove fine oil mist, condensate and solids from moist gases. A special microlayer for conditioning oil mist in the gas stream is integrated in this cartridge. Like the DuoToV® an integrated pre-filter effectively separates solid particles.

Available for use in natural gas up to 240°C